Les plantes et Babylone, le livre. The plants of babylon Book

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Le Livre « Les plantes et Babylone »


Envoyer moi un message avec votre contact Paypal, je vous ferai une demande de payement.

Send me a message with your Paypal contact, I will send you a request for payement.

Frais de port (envoi suivi pour 1 livre)

 Shipping (with tracking number for 1 book)

France 5€

USA 14€

Europe 12€

Pour plus d’exemplaires merci de bien vouloir me contacter et je vous donnerai les frais de port.

For more copies please contact me and I will give you the shipping cost.

thank you.


François Decobecq aka Joas

Edition graphique :


Impression :

Imprimerie Escourbiac



Thank you !

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Big thanks to the Telegraph and Alice Vincent !

I was so happy to see that according to them I’m one of the 18 must follow Instagram for urban gardeners 🙂

And thanks again to Alice for her so nice description :

« Going only by Joas, this photographer’s dedication to finding little bits of nature in even the harshest chunk of concrete results in tiny delights on a daily basis. »

Thanks thanks and thanks ! Make me feel really motivated !

Free wallpapers won’t last long…

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Free wallpapers won’t last long…


Take few of my pics for your desktop if you want, before I understand how to make the watermark plugin work…






Have a nice day,




Pochoir plantsofbabylon

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L’album pochoir arrive / Stencil album in coming


Stay tuned.